Customer experience

The customer experience is the sum of all the experiences a customer has collected over the years in his relations with your organisation.
The purpose of the customer experience management is first to turn satisfied customers into loyal ones, and then to turn loyal ones into advocates, i.e. to make them the best possible promoters of your services.

Traditionally, customer relations are managed by introducing a CRM solution, correspondence or transpromo. But this has proved to be a failure because it imposes an egocentric vision of business processes and does not give enough consideration to customer expectations. There is a real risk of a mismatch between your business strategy and your customers’ expectations.

The prerequisite to being a high-performance, competitive organisation is a focus on customer expectations and not on internal processes! Hence, the first step in building the customer experience is collecting information from your employees who are in direct contact with your customers. Next, the setting up of communication channels with your customers will enable you to precisely identify their expectations. Finally, you will be in a position to reorganise your processes in line with what is really important for your customers.

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